Cadiz offers a varied gastronomic offer with a cuisine expert on fusing contributions from different civilizations that inhabited here, such as Phoenicians and Romans, using natural resources of this zone. The Cadiz cuisine is characterized by the use of high quality products such as fish and shellfish from the Gulf of Cadiz, the pure olive oil from the Sierra, wine and vinegar from Jerez, Sanlucar or Chiclana, retinto livestock meat, cured meats and cheeses of the saw or the traditional pastry. In Spain we have the famous shrimp omelets, which are a recipe for the village, to rival the more elaborate dishes. And in addition, you will enjoy with the gastronomic festivals that link with the Carnival of Cadiz, which are the “Erizada”, “Ostionada” and “Pestiñada”, where you can taste new flavors, while listening to songs of Carnival.

We recommend you to give the pleasure of tapas to all the corners of this beatiful city, allowing you to taste from the exquisite cuisine desing, up to the most typical of our land and sea.

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