In Cadiz is party all those days. The Carnival of Cadiz is the celebration par excellence, the most international and that has made this city the cradle of the street claim and the art of disguise and the voices of its people. The Carnival is a mix of popular culture, gastronomy, music, denunciation and wit, difficult description. You have to live it to feel it. In addition, Cadiz is strategic area to enjoy the most popular celebrations in Spain. Holy Week with Jerez as the main exponent, is experienced with particular fervor. Besides them famous fairs of them populations nearby, Cadiz capital is characterized by have a great cultural calendar, that leverages them spaces of the street, to get to the light them different manifestations artistic.


The Carnival of Cadiz is world renowned and one of the most famous of Spain. It is recognized as a Festival of International Tourist Interest. Each year, the celebration begins with the popular gastronomic tastings, “Erizada”, “Ostionada” and “Pestiñada”. Continues with the official contest Carnival Groups (COAC) in the Gran Teatro Falla, in which different groupings, “Coros”, “Comparsas”, “Chirigotas” and “Cuartetos”, make a review of current issues and the most important events in our city, since a critical and ironic point of view and using humor as a resource. The Carnival in Cadiz is a feast to enjoy on our streets. The city lives each year waiting and preparing for this great event.


The Holly Week of Cadiz perfectly combines culture, art, devotion and sense. It is characterized because the “cargadores” carry the weight of religious sculptures steps through the shoulders, led by the “capataz”, which ensures that the passage is carried with the maximun grace, tradition and serenity. The steps are followed by the penitents and music bands. The most striking of the procession is the steps when entering their respective churches or when made the entrance to the station of penance in the Cathedral, where art and religion, they seem to melt into one. It is all a show together with the traditional cuisine of these dates, as the French toast and the bones of Saint, that you can try different cake shops Cadiz.


A festival that brings together folklore groups from the five continents, where live all the human "races" with different traditions, cultures and religions. This festival is usually held in our city during the month of July, in the Gran Teatro Falla.


It is a festival that brings together the various forms of dance, theatre, Visual Arts and music's of various Latin American nationalities. Those shows tend to represent is in different points of the city, both in them main streets Cadiz, as within them different thetres. Many are free of charge. This festival is usually celebrated in our city during the month of October.

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